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Our Expertise

Google Ads

These are for people who are aware of the problem they are facing and actively looking for a solution. For example, when you are looking for something specific, like a place to eat, you know what you want where you want it. This is when Google ads come into play.

Facebook Ads

These are for people who want to reach potential customers who may not be aware of your business or the problem they are facing. Most people do not go to Google to search for new brands of products they already use everyday. So, when a new company comes to the market, they reach their target group through Facebook. With Facebook ads, the company can specify what demographic they want their ad shown to and run a campaign based off of that. This builds an audience and allows them to start from there.


Google and Facebook both use this mechanism. Their goal is to create a top-of-the-mind effect. When someone has clicked on your website, you can show them your ad again and again for up to 6 months. This makes sure the person is always seeing your ad and thus they are constantly being exposed to your product.